5 Maine Hiking Trails Near North Country Rivers

A trip up to North Country Rivers is an incredible white water rafting adventure, but the fun doesn’t end on the river.

Around Bingham, Maine, the region boasts excellent hiking trails. Before and after your time on the water, hit the trails and enjoy some of the finest hiking New England has to offer.

We selected five terrific trails for you to consider here. Take the time to explore the map and familiarize yourself with the greater terrain around us.

Moxie Falls Trail

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Distance: Approximately 1.5 miles round trip
  • Features: Moxie Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in Maine, with a near-vertical drop of about 90 feet. The trail itself is well-maintained and relatively flat. This makes it accessible for hikers of all ages and skill levels. It’s particularly beautiful in the spring and fall.

The trail to Moxie Falls is relatively easy, with a well-maintained path and minimal elevation gain, making it suitable for hikers of all ages and skill levels, including families with children. This accessibility ensures that everyone can enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

Moxie Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in Maine. A series of cascades leads to a spectacular near-vertical drop of about 90 feet into the water pool below. The falls themselves are a breathtaking sight, particularly during the spring melt or after heavy rainfall.

The trail meanders through a beautiful forest setting, offering a peaceful hike with the sounds of nature and the opportunity to spot local wildlife and plants. The area around the falls, including the viewing platforms, provides picturesque views perfect for photography.

Moxie Falls maintains a sense of tranquility. The trail allows visitors to enjoy the falls without the crowds necessarily found at more popular tourist destinations.

Pleasant Pond Mountain Trail

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Distance: Approximately 2.5 miles one way
  • Features: This trail is a section of the Appalachian Trail that offers stunning views of Pleasant Pond and the surrounding forests and hills. The ascent can be steep in places, but the panoramic views from the summit are a rewarding payoff. It’s a great spot for bird watching and spotting wildlife.

As a segment of the Appalachian Trail (AT), Pleasant Pond Mountain Trail offers hikers a taste of this American institution. This connection adds to the allure of the hike and allows trekkers to experience a piece of one of the most famous long-distance hiking trails in the world.

The summit of Pleasant Pond Mountain provides breathtaking panoramic views of Pleasant Pond and the surrounding forests and hills. The clear waters of the pond are especially stunning in the fall when the foliage backdrop displays vibrant colors.

The trail presents a moderate challenge, making it accessible to a wide range of hikers, from those with some experience looking for a rewarding day hike to seasoned adventurers seeking to explore a new section of the AT. The climb includes some steep and rocky sections, offering a satisfying physical challenge with the reward of spectacular views.

Houston Brook Falls

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Distance: About 0.5 miles round trip
  • Features: A short and sweet hike leading to a charming waterfall. The trail is easy to navigate, making it perfect for a family outing or a quick stop to stretch your legs and enjoy the beauty of Maine’s natural landscape. The area around the falls is great for picnicking and photography.

Houston Brook Falls’ ease of access allows everyone to experience the beauty of Maine’s natural landscape without embarking on a strenuous hike. 

The falls are a captivating sight at roughly 32 feet of cascading water. The waterfall’s beauty make for a perfect spot for photography or a simple moment of peace.

Despite its relatively easy access, Houston Brook Falls feels like a hidden gem. The natural pool at the base of the falls provides a spot for reflection and relaxation in the heart of nature.

Mosquito Mountain Trail

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Distance: About 3 miles round trip
  • Features: This trail climbs through a mixed forest, opening up to impressive views from the summit. The trail offers a good balance of scenic woodland walking and more challenging rocky ascents. It’s not as heavily trafficked as some other trails, offering a sense of solitude.

The trail offers a moderate challenge, making it a perfect fit for hikers looking for a bit more than a leisurely walk but without the strenuousness of some of Maine’s higher peaks.

The trail’s terrain includes interesting features like rock formations and dense forest patches, providing a varied hiking experience. Upon reaching the summit, hikers are rewarded with expansive views of the surrounding wilderness, including a picturesque overlook of the Kennebec River and the Dead River, which is fun after you’ve rafted the rivers. These panoramic vistas make the hike up Mosquito Mountain especially rewarding.

Completing the hike to the summit of Mosquito Mountain provides a sense of achievement, especially for those new to hiking or looking to push their limits slightly. The accessible yet challenging nature of the trail makes it a satisfying endeavor for hikers of various skill levels.

Bald Mountain Trail

  • Difficulty: Strenuous
  • Distance: Approximately 6 miles round trip
  • Features: Located in the Bigelow Preserve, this trail is more challenging due to its steep, rocky sections. Hikers are rewarded with expansive views of Flagstaff Lake and the surrounding mountains. It’s an excellent choice for experienced hikers looking for a day-long adventure.

The trail presents a challenging hike that appeals to those looking for a vigorous outdoor activity. It’s known for its steep, rocky sections that test the endurance and skill of hikers. However, the effort is well rewarded with stunning panoramic views from the summit, offering expansive sights of the surrounding mountains, lakes, and forests that encapsulate the wild beauty of Maine.

As you ascend Bald Mountain, you transition through a variety of ecosystems, from dense forests to alpine vegetation. This diversity provides hikers with a rich botanical experience and opportunities to observe wildlife in their natural habitats. The changing scenery keeps the hike interesting and allows for a deeper appreciation of Maine’s natural biodiversity.

Being part of the Bigelow Preserve, Bald Mountain benefits from efforts to maintain and protect the natural environment. The preserve spans over 36,000 acres, ensuring that the wilderness and its inhabitants are safeguarded. Hiking in such a protected area offers a sense of tranquility and solitude that’s becoming increasingly rare.

The vistas from Bald Mountain are a dream for photographers and nature lovers alike. The summit provides a vantage point for capturing breathtaking landscape photos, especially during sunrise or sunset. Additionally, the varied ecosystems along the trail are excellent for bird watching and observing Maine’s diverse flora and fauna.