Disc Golf – North Country Rivers – Bingham, Maine

Maine Disc GolfNorth Country Rivers Disc Golf Course is a 9 hole, 3,700 foot, par 30 frisbee golf course. Enjoy a mix of challanging field and woods holes with the high quallity chain targets and equipment. Check out our course map below.If you are new to the sport, you might be asking “What is disc golf?” It is a reasonably priced outdoor sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and athletic abilities. The idea is similar to traditional golf. You begin at a designated “tee” area, throw a disc at a specially designed basket, and count the number of throws it takes to get there.

Course fees are: FREE for guests with on-site packages; $10.00 for all others. Disc’s are $2 each.

Maine Disc Golf Coures Map
Disc Golf Course Map

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North Country Rivers