North Country Rivers Snowmobile Trail Report

Bingham, Maine


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Recent Guest Comment (1/18/17): Thanks again, we had a great day up in Solon and Bingham Monday the trails were in great shape…smooth as ribbon, we put on a 100 miles and will be back up soon – LEP

Friday , January 20, 2017:

Currently, we have 2 feet of snow in the woods and a 1 foot base on the trails. The trails are groomed, hard and in great shape. Excellent snowmobiling continues.

Temperatures in the 20’s and 30’s for the weekend. 4-6 inches of snow forecast for Monday.

Groomers are going out in the evenings and are maintaining excellent conditions.

ITS 87 north is in great shape all the way up to about 10mi out of town where riders will run into a 2mi section of plowed road through a logging yard, down the remainder of the Town Line Rd and the normal short stretch on the Dead Water Rd. After taking a right off the Dead Water Rd on to the Palmer Pond Rd, the remainder of ITS 87 is fantastic! If traveling to the Forks or north of the Forks on ITS 87, avoid the Moxie Mtn/Pleasant Pond area (lots of logging and plowed roads) and use the north Bald Mtn trail that intersects ITS 86 just above Moxie Lake.

One of our favorite rides is the Bald Mountain Trail to Monson. In Monson, make sure you stop at the Spring Creek B-B-Q, rated the #1 B-B-Q in the great state of Maine.

ITS 87 south into Solon and beyond as far as Skowhegan has all been groomed and in great shape including club trails linking back over to ITS 84 near Athens.

All club trails are also groomed and in great shape connecting ITS 84 to ITS 87 with the exception of the Iron Gate Rd which is normally not maintained.

The New Wind Mill trail has been good and was in pretty good shape except for the first mile. After that your views of the different towers and sights builds suspense as you head out of town, opening up to now one of the best views in our area. A must see! And the best part is that it links you back into ITS 87 before any of the major northern intersections when traveling north to Monson, Greenville, The Forks or Parlin Pond!

ITS 84 east is groomed and in great shape to the pole line at the end of Mahoney Hill Rd where we meet the Athens and Solon Clubs.

ITS 84 west over the Solon Dam is also groomed in good shape making a nice day trip to Kingfield and Carrabassett Valley regions. Though the temps have been cold, be sure to use caution when arriving to the Carrabassett River crossing!

The Lexington and Concord area clubs have also been out in full capacity maintaining trails. Signage is minimal if you are use to the ITS system and maps are a challenge to come by but but this area is worth learning!

The new Windmill trail (additional 45 miles to our local trail system) is being groomed with 5 groomers, compliments of the owner of the windmill project (Vestas). These new trails are in excellent shape. Snowmobile enthusiasts have enjoyed the addition of the windmill trails to our local trail system and appreciate the efforts of the land owner.

Our local snowmobile club (Valley Riders Club) purchased a brand new groomer for the 2017 season. With the new groomer and the addition of the Vestas groomers, we have added phenomenal grooming capacity to our local trail system. Bingham, Maine is becoming the new hotbed of snowmobile riding in Maine.

Special thanks to Dr. Dave, our world class groomer, and the Valley Riders Snowmobile Club, they volunteer a tremendous amount of time so we can ride the trails. The Club has done a great job this year and in previous years. Please consider donations to the Valley Riders Snowmobile Club. You can make donations and join the club at North Country Rivers or directly to the club: Valley Riders Snowmobile Club, PO Box 21, Bingham, Maine 04920.

Call Toll Free (1-800-348-8871)  for Snowmobiles and Cabin Rentals.

Our restaurant – Patrick’s Restaurant and Pub – is currently open Friday and Saturday evenings (5:00 PM till closing) and lunch on Saturday and Sunday – Public Welcome!

See you on the trails!

North Country Rivers