The WOODWORTH FAMILY HOMESTEAD offers three cabins-two that are one room “sleeping cabins" with queen size beds, and the main camp(Rhodora) which has two bunkrooms upstairs-each with two double beds. The great room with an awesome fireplace, the kitchen and the soon to be dining/sitting room are all shared areas. The kitchen has a gas stove/oven, gas fridge, pots/pans, utensils, dishes-pretty much anything one would need. As it is a community area folks are responsible for their own dishes so most tend to bring paper products with them. I always take coffee over every morning! There’s also a grill area outside, a sceenhouse right on the water, and a large dock. There’s an outhouse-but not the scary kind! It’s the cement vault type like in Baxter Park. And as I too use this facility and have a ridiculous fear of spiders-I finished the building in tongue and groove cedar! There is also a changing room and a “not for the faint of heart-hope to improve-solar" shower room.

This property was originally known as the Stephens’ Farm until 1878 when a well known landscape artist, Frederic Church purchased it because of the view! Over the following 20 years him and his son had the cabins built. It stayed in their family for another 20 years and was eventually purchased by the Woodworth family in 1953. Ray and Muriel own it now and their son, Woody and Jenna are managing the homestead. We hope to keep it in the family for generations to come.

  • Cash and checks only, no credit cards, email communications only.
  • Families and civilized folks only.

PLEASE NOTE: Email The Woodworth Family Homestead directly for reservations: Click Here to Email

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