Maine Adventure Vacation Testimonials: North Country Rivers

Maine Adventure VacationThe customer testimonials that follow are just “some" of the “literally thousands" we’ve received from our Maine adventure vacation customers. They range from white water river trips, ATV riding tours, snowmobiling trips, Moose and wildlife watching Safaris, to youth group trips, and even large group corporate trips.

They all mean a quite LOT to us, and we hope they provide you with an idea of “how" we approach our services – to provide you with the Maine adventure experience of a lifetime!

Larry, Lydia and Cathy
Rock Hill, South Carolina

“Thank you ever so much for a fantastic vacation.  NCR is truly all about customer satisfaction.  We had the BEST of everything.  Beginning with our first encounter with Rachel as we planned our trip.  She was extremely helpful as well as understanding and set up everything perfectly.  I know that you are proud to have her in your front line.

Our Moose Safari on August 10 with Joe was sheer pleasure.  His knowledge and supreme people skills made him a perfect guide.  We were able to see 5 moose and even picked up a stray dog.  We were able to see that Joe is a jack-of-all-trades, and I am sure that you find that kind of expertise to be an asset to you r organization.

Dan provided us with OUTSTANDING food, great service and good conversation. He was very knowledgeable about the area and even suggested a nice hike to Moxie Falls.  We would love to have Dan as our personal chef.

Our rafting trip on Wednesday, August 11, was SUPER.  We could not have had a better choice of guides than Dana.  He was extremely knowledgeable about the river, completely dedicated to our safety and was extremely attentive to Lydia during our white water adventure. Dana is an extreme asset to your organization.

We did so enjoy visiting with Murphy and loved the kisses and attention he gave us.  We were so homesick for our own little four-legged son, that Murphy was a complete joy.

Our White Water adventure was a huge part of our wonderful week long vacation.  We all came away loving Maine, its beautiful country and friendly people.  Thank you so very much for all that you did.   We will certainly recommend NCR to our friends and family. Cathy and Larry would like to plan a trip on the Dead River in the future and Cathy would even like to consider being a river guide."

James Audiffred ESQ
Saco, Maine

“Jim, I could not be happier than to assist you in any way I can.. First, I am very grateful for your help last August when we were stranded in Bingham. I have been a customer of North Country Rivers since 1989.   I came on a rafting trip with a group of ten people in July of 1989. Jim Murton took 4 of us down the river in a self-bailing raft.  It was my third trip on the Penobscot, and was far and away the best rafting experience I had.  It was so much fun that I came back in August, 1989 with another group of my friends and family.   Since 1989, I have been rafting with NCR every at least once and sometimes twice a year.   I have brought many Rotary Youth Exchange students rafting on the Penobscot.  Many of them said that it was the highlight of the entire year in America.  Rafting with Jim Murton and his company has provided me with the greatest thrills and excitement of my life, and I have been happy to share the experience with many of my family and friends.."  

Ronnie Cousins
St. George, New Brunswick, Canada

“A hearty thanks from the ‘girls who just want to have fun’.  Eight of us last year enjoyed every minute of our stay – an exhilarating trip on the Kennebec with your professional and highly qualified guides – your wonderful facilities – the comfort and spaciousness of the Log Cabins – and the friendly atmosphere created by your staff.  North Country Rivers is a great place to relax, recharge, and rejuvenate. The greatest endorsement of North Country Rivers is probably the fact that more than five months in advance we’ve booked for this year – with 24 in the group and a waiting list!"

Don Blaszka
Troop 1, Haverhill, Massachusetts

“We had an awesome time last year Rafting with North Country Rivers. My Troop is still talking about the Trip. Their specials for Scout Troops were THE BEST in the industry, no one comes close. We camped at their campground and had breakfast in their dinning room. They were easy to work with and their facilities and equipment were excellent. One of my parents was so impressed they came back the following week for one of North Country’s Turbine Test release trips. My Troop is looking to make rafting with North Country Rivers a regular event."

John Douglas
Braintree, Massachusetts

“I’ve been rafting with North Country for almost 20 yr. and North Country was the first experience. I had with white water and I was hooked. I have also rafted with several other outfitters in other states, and in South America – and no other outfitter has treated me, my family and friends better. I also feel that the fun I had and the friends I made over these years, I owe to North Country Rivers. P.S. Nobody feeds you better than North Country Rivers too!"

Karen O’Malley
Raynham, Massachusetts

“We started coming to North Country Rivers about 3 years ago to raft the Kennebec River. We loved everything so much that we have made it a yearly trip. Not only do they have amazing rafting, their snowmobiling is also great!!! The cabins on site are very well kept and fully equipped, it makes the weekend that much more enjoyable and comfortable. The personnel are friendly and very knowledgeable. We can’t wait until our next trip!!!!!"

Dianne Lopez
Whitinsville, Massachusetts

“I work for a company in Boston and last year, 2004, my boss decided that we should do a team building trip, in June, for our department which consists of 8 people. We checked out White Water Rafting Companies and decided that North Country Rivers offered us more of what we wanted and needed to make this trip a success. From the very first phone call to North Country Rivers I was impressed with the customer service, knowledge, and helpfulness of Jim and all his staff. As the planning for the trip had almost been completed, it was decided we would include a few more people and the total was now 16 participants. Again, Jim and his staff received a mountain of calls from me so that I could make sure that North Country could handle the change in numbers and also that there was enough lodging for all. This was a 3 day trip, Wednesday through Friday, and we also were doing team building exercises and we needed quite a bit of help pulling this all off. Again, just as we had finalized at 16 for the trip, my boss once again changed the invite list and we were now at 33 people for Rafting & Lodging.

I made no less than 30 phone calls to North Country Rivers to get this trip finalized and on every call they were wonderful. No matter who answered the phone I was always treated great. They helped us with special requests for food, space for team meetings, props for our exercises in team building, shuttling team members to off site cabins at all hours, & lodging accommodations for 33 team members and 1 bus driver. The cabins were spacious, clean, & very well equipped. The restaurant & bar were very well stocked and enjoyed by all.   The day of our rafting trip went off wonderfully and every one of Jim’s guides were fantastic. There wasn’t one member of our team that didn’t think their guide was the best. The guides were extremely knowledgeable and capable. Everyone felt safe because each guide was so capable and confident. They knew every bend of that river and knew just what to do in all situations. Lunch on the river was fun and the guides all served it to the rafters. What we enjoyed most was Jim’s team. They truly act like a team not only on the river but also back at base camp taking care of everything that needs to be done. They all do everything as a team and get all tasks accomplished. I would recommend North Country Rivers to anyone looking for a White Water rafting trip that they will truly enjoy as well as any team looking for a wonderful team building experience."

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