North Country Rivers – Penobscot River Base Resort Outpost

Because the Penobscot River is approximately 3 hours north and east of our Kennebec-Dead base resort and campground complex, we also have a Penobscot River outpost. We work together with the Big Moose Inn, Cabins and Campground for lodging, and we have our own launch and pickup points for Penobscot white water river rafting trips. Lodging accommodations include bed & breakfast rooms, cabins, and tent sites.

Being right at the entrance to Baxter State Park is great for river access and to pursue hiking, and the many other hiking activities this region has to offer. All of this makes an amazing adventure vacation even MORE amazing!

In addition to the walks and hikes listed on the above link, you can also take float plane rides over Baxter State Park (from across the street from  the Big Moose Inn). You can also rent canoes for lake trips, take whitewater kayaking lessons (on the Penobscot River), go fishing, take a photography course, and more!

Call North Country Rivers toll free in the U.S. and Canada at 1-800-348-8871 for more information. You can also reserve trip space through our secure reservations form, or e-mail us. We’ll be happy to help you plan the “Adventure Vacation of a Lifetime"!

Activities Within Baxter State Park

Activities within Baxter State Park in Maine abound. Hiking is a very popular activity – and generally safe. But it’s important to keep in mind that this entire region (the land to the east, west and north) are “complete wilderness areas" (e.g., without civilization for hundreds of miles in either direction). So, if you plan on taking long hikes, you MUST be self-contained and use sound judgment.

For those also interested in multi-day hiking, the information below was partially taken from the Baxter State Park website ( This is an important website to look over if you plan to enjoy the Park. It contains ALL of the of rules, regulations, and other important information related to outdoor activities within the Park!

Hiking and the Carry-In/Carry-Out Rule

All trash and garbage, including cigarette butts, plastic wrappings, disposable diapers, orange peels, banana peels, etc., must be taken out of the park with you when you leave. Campgrounds provide small litter bags for this purpose. If you’re hiking, minimize what you bring and use garbage bags and sealable bags for trash. Black bears are around, and they can do quite a bit of damage if you leave food scraps around your campsite..

Photography – ALL

Wildlife must be enjoyed “only from a distance". Remember you are a visitor here. The Park is the THEIR home! So please use the following guidelines;

  • Do not leave a walking trail or major trail to “chase any animal" for a photo. Speak with Rangers before you head into the woods to learn about the best places and times to see animals. Through their knowledge, you’ll be better able to watch and take great pictures of wildlife without risking injury, and/or unnecessarily disturbing species during critical periods (i.e. during egg incubation, birthing periods, etc.).

  • Do NOT feed animals under any circumstances!
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