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Kennebec – Dead 2 Day

Youth Group “Kennebec River" Raft Trip

Youth Price: $89 Season: April 29 – October 15, 2021 (Daily Trips) Meeting Location: 36 Main St • Route 201 • Bingham • Maine 04920 Meeting Time: 8:30 AM (We recommend checking in 10 minutes early) River Rating: Class 4 (Scale 1-6) River Type: High Volume Big Waves Average River Flow: 5000 CFS (Cubic Feet Per Second) Range of River Flow: 5000-8400 CFS High Water Dates “Turbine Test" for 2024; June 8, July 8, September 7 and September 21. River Length: 12 Miles, 4.5 Hours on the River Trips: Full River, Ultimate, Turbine Test, Two Day Trip High Adventure Sport Rafts Available: Yes River Lunch: Steak, Chicken, Veggie Burgers, Salad, Desert, Beverages Minimum Reservation Size: One Person Minimum Age: 8 Years (Full River); 12 Years (Turbine Test); 5 Years (Lower Half Only) Camping: Tent Camping, Platform Tents, RV Camping with Hookups Lodging: Cabins Restaurant: Patrick’s Restaurant and Game Room Reservations: Call Toll Free 800-348-8871


The Kennebec River has a consistent daily water releases from the Harris Station dam, ideal river rafting levels exist from Spring through Fall. There are also LARGE “spring-sized" releases scheduled during the summer; called “turbine test". These releases provide BIG rafting levels when the weather is HOT. Another great feature of the Kennebec River is it’s warmer water – even in the spring. It also has shows spectacular colors in the Fall along its banks; so September and October whitewater river rafting trips are special events on the Kennebec. The Kennebec River is not a rocky, technical river. Instead, it’s a deep, fast mover with big, “fun" waves. This is actually why it’s such an ideal rafting river for beginners and experienced rafters alike. Some of the best-known whitewater rapids on the Kennebec River include; “The Sisters" (which begins with the “Big Mama" wave), “The Alleyway, “Z-Turn" and “Magic Falls" (which is not really a waterfall – just a great rapid). There are many others. You’ll begin your Kennebec River trip by traveling down a beautiful and impressive gorge. After four miles of river rafting in the gorge; riding great waves, holes, and doing some raft surfing, the upper gorge you will come to “Carry Brook" (a great break spot). Here the river begins to widen; but the superb scenery and whitewater rafting fun are NOT over yet! There are still 9 miles of great Class II, III and IV rapids, until your ultimately reach “The Forks"; where The Dead River “forks-in" on your right. Whitewater river rafting on Maine’s Kennebec River is truly an exciting and memorable experience. Both during and after your trip, you’ll have a smile glued to your face! You’ll then understand why thousands of whitewater enthusiasts raft The Kennebec each year (young and old alike). And when you combine this with an ATV trip, a Moose and Wildlife Watching Safari an evening ATV Express Trip, Hiking, and great cabin rentals or camping accommodations at our resort base complex, you’ll have an unforgettable Maine adventure vacation. We have so many friends who return to vacation with us each year! And we hope you do too!

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