Platform Tent Camping at North Country Rivers:

At North Country Rivers Kennebec-Dead Resort Campground we offer what we call platform “cabin tents". To some people they’re known simply as platform tents. However, our platform tents are “QUITE" large; not the typical platform tents you’ve probably seen.

How large are they? Well, they have framed wooden bunks on three walls (with 4-6 additional cots), so all you need to do is bring sleeping mats, pillows and a sleeping bag (or, in summer, some of your own blankets). They sleep 4-10 people comfortably.

There’s plenty of height in our platform tents as well – so you can stand and walk comfortably inside. And the wooden frame around each the platform base has enabled us to include wooden doors on them as well. Each tent also provides privacy, has ventilation, and comes with large fire rings and picnic tables in front.

Maine Camping Campgrounds - Platform Tents - North Country Rivers

Additional amenities include washrooms, private showers, in-house and local stores, indoor and outdoor recreation, a game room, and many other nearby local sites for swimming site-seeing, walking, hiking, golf, shopping, movies, and even a theatre!

Although we ARE located in the Maine woods, we’re still less than a 30-minute drive from 2 of the larger towns in Maine – the perfect location. Also, our large main lodge (where you check-in), includes a restaurant and a pub, summer live entertainment, Wi-Fi access and is a hub of activity.

You can also try one of our exciting Maine white water rafting trips, an ATV trip, or try one of our popular evening Moose and wildlife nature Safaris. But you can also explore Maine by going to a local swimming hole, canoeing, biking, fishing and more.

Best of all the price for our platform tents is only $16.00 per person/per night; a great choice for any larger group on a tight budget.

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North Country Rivers has a pet-friendly policy. But let us know in advance if you’ll be bringing a pet.

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